Eight Businesses you can start with just #20,000 that can yield millions.


It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! Instead of waiting all year for a white-collar appointment that might not even be forthcoming, here are 20 small businesses you could start up with little capital while you wait for that dream job. You can start all these businesses with 20,000 Naira.

1. Mini cyber cafe

Cyber cafe have gone out of fashion, true. But students still need to register for JAMB, WAEC, NECO, post-UTME etc. People who are not digital savvy also need to register for several things online including the very important national passport. This is where you come in. This small business can be started right at the comer of your house.

2. Recharge card printing

The recharge card you use are mostly not printed by the big telecommunications giants you subscribe to. They are printed by everyday people like you. If you do your research well, you can start this business with as little as #20,000.

3. Fish farming

Small scale fish farming is easy to start and requires low capital. You can start this right at your backyard with a large basin, few fingerlings that can fit in it and fish feed. However, I advise you do some in-depth research first.

4. Selling fairly used computers and TVs

A host of Nigerians cannot afford to purchase brand new computers, laptops or TV sets. You could open a shop which collects used laptops and TVs and then sell them at a higher price, after refurbishing. Don’t see this as difficult, lots of people are already doing it. The first step is to get a shop or space, the rest comes with diligence.

5. Selling fairly used phones

Just like the small business above in #2, this one involves little or no skill. It can be engaged in by anyone including students. Return on investment is almost guaranteed. Once again, diligence is key. However, I would advice that you carry out in-depth research on how to tell “good market” from “bad market”.

6. Snail farming

Just like fish farming, small-scale snail farming is also lucrative. It, however, requires that you take your time to understand how it’s done first.

7. Dry cleaning

No matter how many dry cleaning shops are out there, more are still needed. You can start with dry cleaning at home for neighbors. Get a business card and distribute it. Start with manual washing if you don’t have a washing machine; no one cares as long as their clothes are clean, ironed and smells nice. Make your business stand out and you will excel.

8. Poultry farming

This one requires a little bit of skill but also promises a high return on investment. You can start this with a few chicks and a make-shift cage right in your backyard.

These small business ideas require planning and lots of patience to grow into profitable businesses. Don’t be scared of failing, just do it!


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