After reading this, you will not live in face-me apartment no more.


No matter how you try to be coded, you cannot keep privacy in such environment. People will always track your nutrition and even when you mate with your wife. As a muslim, we take spiritual bath once we mate with our wives. In that regard, if you do that in the middle of the night, you must perform the ritual bath before observing salatul-Layl. So, you go to the shared bathroom to bath. I doubt if people would pretend to know what you just did.

What about queuing before the usage of toilet, bathroom and fetching well-water. Imagine you just woke up to use the toilet and you found out it has been used without flush.

Another is, you are not free to enter the house anytime you wishes. Once the door is closed, it is closed for the day. If you are the type who arrives home late, you would be tag on negative note. Next time there is armed robbery in the house, people’s mind would go straight to you.


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