Dwango ft. Iva – Therapy (Mp3)

Here comes our front man Dwango all the way from Nigeria who has just released a hit song titled “Therapy” where he featured “Iva” an upcoming Artiste also and these duo has done justice to this Song.
Dwango stepped out here in this beautiful Music to talk about the real MVP’s we have in the world and I need not to tell you who they are, our Mothers. Dwango alongside Iva really made every woman proud by ironing out what our mothers do for us in our daily lives.
In his words, he expressed how every mother will always stand by her child, in good and in bad times. He totally gave an outburst of how a mother sees the future of her child by nurturing him/her in a Christlike way and also by guiding that child towards the road that leads to positivity (Success).
Dwango & Iva made us to understand that despite the fact that fathers try a lot also, but the love of a mother can not be compared to that of any. A mother will see her child doing wrong and immediately caution that child and within that same day, the mother must find how to draw joy in her child’s face.
Mothers go through a lot to make sure we their children get the best in life, by sacrificing their time, efforts, resources and also by praying for us in public and private places. Whenever you see a man thinking, he maybe be thinking of places to go, who to hang out with and what to wear. But when you see a woman thinking, she’s simply thinking of her children, what they’ll eat, what they’ll wear and what will make them happy.
Dwango in this song made an important statement which since time immemorial has tested to be true. He says that in most families, a father can walk out and leave the children & mother behind without returning back, but a mother will never leave her children behind.  He further described in this song by saying ,  if you give a woman sperm, she’ll give you a child, if you give a woman food items, she’ll give you a meal and if you give a woman a house, she’ll give you a home. And in every family even when the father stands as the head, the mothers stands as the foundation and bedrock of the family, and when the foundation isn’t strong, the family cannot last.
Dwango in the song titled Therapy simply expresses his whole heart and support to every mother in the world and extends his prayers accompanied with blessings from God that he’ll will give them a long life to reap the fruits of their labor.
God created every woman (mothers) specially therefor, we must adore, cheerish and love them.



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