Iran Issues Arrest Warrant For Trump Over The Killing Of Qassem Soleimani


Iran has finally responded to the killing of its top general by issued an arrest warrant in arresting US president, Donald Trump.

The Islamic country also solicited the help of Interpol in catching the United States president and dozens of others.

Iran accused them of killing a top general in Baghdad.

According to Tehran prosecutor, Ali Alqasimehr, Trump, along with more than 30 others were in the January 3 attack that killed General Qassem Soleimani.

They consequently face “murder and terrorism charges,” the semi-official ISNA news agency reported.

Aljazeera reports that Alqasimehr did not identify anyone else sought other than Trump. Alqasimehr however said Iran would continue to pursue his prosecution even after his presidency ends.

He was also quoted to have said that Iran had requested a “red notice” be put out for Trump and the others. This is said to be the highest-level notice issued by Interpol.



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