longrich Entrepreneurs International- Dr. Mrs. Chinenye Nzekwe.

Hello, my name is Dr. Mrs. Chinenye Nzekwe.
Considering an alternative source of income?
JIANGSU LONGLIQI Bio-Science Co. Ltd also known as Longrich Biosciences International is a leading Chinese manufacturing company in the Cosmetic Industry with more than 1,000 products in the different categories of Fast moving consumable goods(FMCG)
Founded in 1986 the company have being through steady growth in both its expansion and market shares, making it one of the most successful private companies leading in the Chinese cosmetic sector and daily care Industry, with over 12,000 employees worldwide to her credit.
Longrich Biosciences currently has Three factories running, with Two been built and 20 other companies manufacturing Products for Us.
Longrich has one of the largest and most advanced center in three continents of the world for research and development of cosmetics and  and health care products in china, with her trademark registered in over 138 countries and products sold in more than 50 countries and regions around the world including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun,USA and The United Kingdom.
A close look at the company
 Longrich manufactures and Patent produces for many other bigger brands which are equally into the network marketing business under the OEM, ODM and recently OBM license agreement, one can say Longrich is not even a network marketing company but a manufacturer for network marketing companies which of course makes them quite unique from the other companies; But the fact still remains that we are doing the network marketing business.
Longrich is also diversified into other sectors such as Wooden furniture, E-commerce, Real estate, Finance, Organic Agriculture, Logistics, household services etc Making us a Real Enterprenurial Business  platform.
Longrich first launched out of it’s base after diversifying into network marketing business in 2008 making Nigeria her first International office outside China in 201.
The company is presently 8 years and stands as the only real Network Marketing Business invested a real Manufacture in Africa, Nigeria at the Lagos Free trade zone Ibeju- lekki with the tune of over 100million dollars in line with the Chairman’s vision to build a platform that guarantees the success of any individual who is focused and persistence in using it.
On completion of the Lagos factory by the last quarter of this year 2020, this manufacturing Plant will create employment for over 1,000 Indigenes; It will be the hub for the manufacture and distribution of our Longrich products and other clienteles products to the African sub-region thereby boosting our Economy’s GBP
Longrich offers us unique, amazing and daily consumable products in five categories of Health care, Household care, Skin care, Personal care and Daily care products.
Our products are mainly organic; they are all therapeutic as well as multi-functional.
In Nigeria we have a wide range of over 80 products some of which are toothpastes, bathing soaps, green tea, mosquito repellents, hand cream, sanitary napkins, panty liners, natural antibiotics, cooking pots, Power banks,shoes, and many other Longrich skin care products; We also have baby range products like Baby body wash and shampoo, baby cream, baby prickly heat powder and 5D Energy diapers. Recently our company introduced the Artemisin series in toothpaste,body wash,hair shampoo and repair conditioners, mouth wash,hand wash and hand soap, laundry detergent all these products is to help us to enjoy quality and better health irrespective of the climate differences.
It will interest you to know that
We do not have to sell these products we simply use them, share the products and the business opportunity with our family and friends and we get rewarded in various ways ranging from Cash bonuses paid out weekly and monthly; all expense paid Travels and Free Cars ; monthly VIP and World-Wide Incentives ;Star Director House funds; Star Directors incentives, Zero interest.

Benefits of Longrich Business

🎀  You will earn weekly income
🎀 Vacation abroad, which can be converted to cash, if you don’t want to travel
🎀 Your children’s earnings can pay their school fees
🎀 Longrich rewards her partners with various bonuses, apart from your weekly earnings
🎀 Opportunity to win cars yearly
🎀 Scholarships for further studies abroad
🎀 Having multiple streams of income is a wise step to take.
Longrich is a platform that adds value to your life financially and health wise. Now is the best time to join us let’s lock hands and work together .
We’re building trans-generational wealth
Switch your brand and make it a business❤If You’re a Coper,  nothing should limit you from joining us!!!!!!!
Location: Lagos Nigeria.
Feel free to reach me on my private line on: 08034636628.



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