Nigerian Feminist Writer Launches Her First Book


Girl’s Talk is a book written on some of the discussions in Girls Talk meetings. It is a book of eleven chapters which include the growth, conflicts and general girl-world. Girl’s Talk is not a novel or story about the girls in Girls Talk. It is a general educational book about girls for everybody that has or would one day have a relationship with a female. We all have a girl in our lives right?

The consequence of sex is beautiful when it is done in marriage. Sex is good, sex is beautiful. Sex is sacred.

When two fertile people have sex, the sperm fertilises the ripe egg and pregnancy occurs. The pregnant mother might give birth to a baby girl. This might be the beginning of greatness or the birth of another Jezebel. The result depends on the character skill and the level of mental development instilled in the child by her parents.

A child should be well-groomed. It is the responsibility of parents and caregivers to give the child the best education in all aspect of life. Parents must learn to be understanding, to create trust between them and the child.

Teenagers must learn to be assertive and empathic. They must be trusted to make the right life choices while helping them make the best decision when it comes to relationships, love, safe sex, friendship, career path, health and abstinence.

Everything that has a beginning has an end but we are not just focused about the beginning and the end. We care about the things that happen in the middle. We must start strong to finish well but a lot of things could go wrong in the middle. Girl’s Talk Volume One is focused on the beginning and middle of every girl’s life. The middle is also as important as the beginning and the end, it is where we face the greatest challenges of our lives. Our attitude towards victory and defeat is what determines the end.

This “middle” starts from teenagehood to the second quarter of adulthood.

Girl’s Talk is a book for every girl-child and women who have made a vow to reach her full potential without letting gender limit her. It is also for everybody, men included, who wishes to take a walk down the world of women. The volume one of this book is solely about the events from girlhood to adulthood.

The book also celebrates women who have made impacts on the world.

The book Girl’s Talk is mainly to encourage girls into seeking financial freedom and being able to do whatever they want.

It is for a mother and caregiver who need help on how to develop and train a girl-child into becoming a functional adult with the right skills and development.

It is for a teenager who feels misunderstood and judged. The book helps you understand the things you’re feeling and how to handle them.

Girl’s Talk focuses on the intricate development of a girl during puberty.

It is comprised of relatable situations and emotions from young adults who are still in touch with their teenage side. With this book, you won’t ever have to feel alone or judged.

Confused about who you are? Get yourself a copy of Girl’s Talk. It is also about self-discovery and happiness.

The book is also for people in relationships who might have questions about their intimate life. Girl’s Talk exposes you to questions you might be ignoring and how to manage your emotions.

Not sure of what to do now that you’re an adult? Find out what Girls Talk have to say about that in Girl’s Talk.

Do you wish to be an Alph-female? To dare to speak up against oppression and abuse? Do you want to learn what your feminine strength is and how to harness them?

Your health concerns, healthy habits and health care routines are also discussed in the book.

For more information and enquiry regarding the book launching, which holds virtual Nov 17th by 7pm; do contact 0703 676 8551


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