Timiun Online Shop: First Ever Online Shop With Drone Package Delivery and Upxit Crypto Referral and Payment Method


What if you could buy any product of your choice @99% discount?

Have you ever had that moment when you saw a very pretty shoe on Jumia, and in your head you’ve already matched it up with that beautiful trousers/top you bought sometime ago, but you’ve not been able to rock because you’re waiting for the perfect shoe🤭, until you saw the price tag🤣, them your morale just vanished?

As a student and a young lady, I’ve had those moments, LOL and it wasn’t funny, and it’s not even your regular shop where you can attempt bargaining the price.

But now, those scenarios are becoming a thing of the past, thanks to @TIMIUN

Timiun is a gamified, innovative and exciting online shopping App, that enables EVERYONE shop ANY PRODUCT of their interest at 99% DISCOUNT off the product price, with the help of its sales algorithms thereby increasing sales and access to products for everyone. Hard to believe right?

Well, you better believe it. The good news is that it officially launched today on Google Play Store

And you can earn free UPXIT COIN’ just by downloading the App.

There’s more I wanna tell you, but then I know some persons don’t like reading too lengthy articles, so stay with me on this space for more update on ‘HOW YOU CAN EARN FREE COINS’ whenever you use the App and refer friends and family to download.



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